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Day 1 at Orchardview

Day 1 at Orchardview Stables from Viola, Arkansas.It was an early start to their day, but our new friends have started to become acclimated to Pennsylvania life.  They rolled in with 4 other horses at 2am this morning after a 18 hour trailer ride from Perryman Ranches in Viola, Arkansas.  The other 4 horses rested for a few hours in the round pen and then moved on to their new homes in Hurlock, Maryland.

As you can tell, the boys have found a fondness for the Spring mud that we have everywhere!  They are only 2 years old and are very curious and friendly.  They approached us every time we came to the fence or went inside the gate to bring them in.  The balkan pharma danabol boys will be quarantined for awhile to keep them and the other horses in our herd healthy.  In the meantime we will start to work with them on the ground and in the saddle.

Day 1 at Orchardview, lots of mud!We are excited to see them learn and grow with us and our students.  Check out the Orchardview Stable Journal often to see what they are up to.

Many thanks to Danny and Barbara Perryman for their hospitality while we were in Viola, it is always a pleasure visiting.  We are looking forward to many trips back in the future!

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