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What Do We Do On a Rainy Day?

What do we do on dennis wolf net worth a rainy day?  Make new trails!!!  With all the rainy days we have had this Summer we should have tons of new clomiphene athletes trails by the end of the season.

Why Would You Lay A Horse Down?

Why would you lay a horse down?  That seems like a crazy thing to do, however it is a great way to teach them to trust you.  In this picture Mary Kay is working VERY hard to get Lucky to lay down because he is really fighting it.  Remember, horses are flight animals and when […]

Somewhere Over the Rainbow…

Anymore we are constantly running from one activity or task to the next.  We are all guilty of not slowing down and appreciating the blessings God has given us.  On this night last week, after yet another night of rain, He reminded us of his promise to love us from so long ago.  The beauty […]

Expanding our herd…I mean flock

Growing up our house was much like a zoo, and I am not kidding.  Maybe not with the exotic animals that you see at a big zoo, but we had a bunch of different pets around such as, bunnies, chickens, ducks, goats, horses, cats and dogs. It was not unusual to see pharmacom labs a […]

Silly Joe Pony!

We are so excited to use our new indoor mounting block!  Many thanks to our friend Corey who made it for us.  Joe tried out the horse side and thought it was a little boring so he tried out the people side too.

New Jobs for Toby & Huck

Toby and Huck have definitely fallen into place here.  They both are participating in lessons have a following of students who have become attached to each of them. Horses are much like people in that they have different personalities, strengths and weaknesses, and there are natural leaders and followers. In our herd we have 2 […]

They Have Names!

So far the names of the new guys are Toby and Huck.  We will see if those stick, but for right now that’s what we are calling them. Last week we started working with the boys on the ground and focused on having as many people as possible handle them and groom them.  This will […]

Day 1 at Orchardview

It was an early start to their day, but our new friends have started to become acclimated to Pennsylvania life.  They rolled in with 4 other horses at 2am this morning after a 18 hour trailer ride from Perryman Ranches in Viola, Arkansas.  The other 4 horses rested for a few hours in the round […]