Expanding our herd…I mean flock

Growing up our house was much like a zoo, and I am not kidding.  Maybe not with the exotic animals that you see at a big zoo, but we had a bunch of different pets around such as, bunnies, chickens, ducks, goats, horses, cats and dogs.

It was not unusual to see pharmacom labs a hen hanging out on the washer in the laundry room while drying her feathers after getting a bath.  Or, a duck swimming around in the bath tub, because quite frankly, why wouldn’t you let your duck enjoy a swim in your bath tub??  The goats were very fond of jumping up on the deck to make their presence known to whoever was taking a dip in the hot tub or relaxing at the patio table sustaject 250.  As you can imagine, there was never any shortage of excitement or activity.

So, this spring when Dad came home with a bunch of chicks, we dusted off the old nesting boxes and cleaned out the chicken coop.  We are very excited to have fresh eggs in a few months, and also for the opportunity that everyone will have in getting to know some other animals on our farm.

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