Indoor Arena  

Built in 2010

The indoor arena provides a covered space for lessons and events. The lift and mounting block that we use for Adaptive Horsemanship lessons are located at the front of the area.  At the back there are 4 stalls.  Every morning and night, 4 of the horses are turned in and out via the “chute” that runs from the Arena to the Red Barn. 

Located in the corner of the indoor arena, this is used to help the horses with a number of physical issues.  It is a large vibrating plate that can help promote healing to wounds, reduce inflammation and helps to reduce lameness from strains and other injuries.  The horses stand on it and have a snack while the Theraplate does the work!  A generous donor bought this for us and it is a great tool for us to help keep our horses healthy and ready to do the important jobs that they have.


A covered area for our participants’ friends and family to sit and watch lessons.  We also use this space in the Fall to sell apples and merchandise.

Outdoor Arena & Round Pen 

Two enclosed, outdoor spaces used for ground and riding activities.  

Tree Rows

Honeycrisp, Gala, Empire, peaches and plums are grown on the property.  The tree rows are used to exercise horses and adaptive horsemanship lessons.  We work with the Penn State Extension office to use Integrated Pest Management.  IPM involves using a number of strategies instead of just using pesticides.  For example, at different times of the year there are white tents in trees.  These tents are used to analyze good and bad bugs so we know how to treat the orchards.